21 websites that students like more than you do


Robin Goad at Hitwise Intelligence has posted details of the top 100 student websites in the UK.

Robin explains that the methodology used to pull his list together isn’t perfect, but for a general sense of student internet habits there are good indicators that this is a useful resource.

Below, from Hitwise’s data, I have extracted all the top over-indexing results to create a shortlist of those with the heaviest proportional student useage.

So here are 21 websites that are notably much more popular with UK university students than the rest of us.

1. WordReference.com
If you’re looking for free online translation then the chances are you’re a student. This long- established dictionary site registers students at a whopping 834 verses the rest of the online population.

2. Google Scholar UK
You use Google Search to find research papers, theses and articles from professional bodies; students use Google Scholar, “the simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature”. Indexing students at 828 verses the rest.

3. Sidereel
Online TV and film is a common theme in this list. Sidereel shows the heaviest student indexing, at 749 above.

4. Surf the Channel
It’s a little bit werrrr, a little bit weyyyyyy, it’s another place to source questionable links to Family Guy and countless movies. Indexing 677 above.

5. Perez Hilton
Students like their celebrity gossip a bit edgier and more sneering than Heat can afford to muster. Indexing 550 above regular folk.

6. Google Book Search
It’s like the visiting the library, except you won’t get told to ssshhhhhhhhhhh. Millions of free texts to trawl through for references. Indexing 501 above.

7. Super Nova Tube
Another video content site, sensibly operating from an island republic in the Indian Ocean. Advertisers include The Open University. Indexing 483 above.

8. Megavideo
From the same people that provide the popular file-sharing site Megaupload. Indexing 452 above.

9. Dictionary.com
It’s like a dictionary on steroids and it even sounds out words. Students love it, indexing 413 above.

10. TV Guide UK
Perhaps because they don’t buy newspapers much, students find out what’s on TV by going online. Radio Times also features below. 370 above.

11. LiveJournal
Old-skool blogging platform popular with geekier students, but its strong student indexing could be to do with the fact that cult celebrity gossip site Oh No They Didn’t publishes on LiveJournal. 361 above.

12. Guardian Unlimited
Other news sites feature in the top student websites list, but The Guardian is the only one showing heavy student weighting. 327 above.

13. Last FM
Custom internet radio with social networking features – a long time UK favourite with students. 324 above.

14. Channel 4
TV channel with obvious youth appeal, it’s no surprise to find them indexing students at 317 above the rest of the online population.

15. Radio Times
Type ‘tv guide’ in Google and Radio Times comes a poor third, but brand recognition makes it a popular choice with students.

16. BBC iPlayer
Who the heck ‘listens again’ to Chris Moyles, the second most popular radio show on the iPlayer? Could it be a nation of students who slept through the live broadcast?

17. Veoh
More video content, in partnership with several US media companies and studios. 311 above.

18. Wikipedia
Legendary first point of reference for today’s undergraduate. 273 above.

19. The Trainline
Although these days more students have cars than ever before, the majority remain big users of public transport. 264 above.

20. BBC blogs
BBC’s blogs are well represented by its flagship radio shows, as well as its tech output and political editorial. Students index 261 above the rest of the online population.

21. Gmail
There are undoubtedly a higher number of students using Hotmail and Yahoo, but against the rest of the online population Google Mail has the highest percentage proportion, indexing at 254 above.

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4 Responses to “21 websites that students like more than you do”

  1. Thanks, I’ll try google scholar and word reference in the future i think. For me wikipedia is the THE student site however.


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