We've moved things around. We're now publishing our news, views and articles here and our student marketing research, case studies and resources here

- Opt-in email and mobile marketing to students

- Working with online student campaigners, advocates and enthusiasts

- Working with online opinion formers, agenda-setters and 'sneezers'

- Intelligent, accountable, cost-effective campaigns

- Unsolicted email or spam

- Careless, indiscreet, synthetic PR and marketing

- Off-the-shelf student brand manager schemes or "one size fits all" solutions

- Unapproved marketing on campuses

- Unaccountable student media and wastage

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Email marketing to students

> Reach up to half a million current UK university students by email at £120cpm (12p per student)

> Lists segmentable by university, city, gender, course, year of study

> No minimums. Fully trackable. White-listed

> Optimise your campaign impact and click through rates with Reach Students' handling of campaign, including creative

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Online research, product testing, audience insight

> Surveys, panels, polls, vox pops, on-campus and online

> Any size, any budget. Talk to us about your objective

> Insight on student lifestyles, habits and attitudes

> Seven years at the frontline of student communications and research

We published the first independent guide to student marketing, which included case studies and interviews with top student brands and a student media directory. In 2005 we published Targeting Students: A Marketing Guide which identified the most effective methods of reaching and engaging students today.

We launched Beta Bunny, a not-for-profit community of over 600 students who love exploring and testing new technologies.

We continue to monitor and report on developments in student marketing and changing student lifestyles. Visit our book site for data, case studies and resources and Luke's blog for opinion and comment.


Viral marketing and online PR

> Create or seed a marketing campaign organically, engaging students in a way that leads them to adopt and spread your message

> Social networks, blogs, messaging, forums, partner sites, virtual environments and web2 platforms

We develop and implement campaigns that spread naturally among the £10 billion student demographic.

Our work in this area is ground-breaking and brings results. In November we went 'public' and officially launched the UK's first peer to peer PR service devoted to word of mouth marketing through digital channels, p2ppr.

Every client is different and every approach we take is entirely bespoke to their objectives.

Get in touch and discuss your unique situation one-to-one.

Rest assured, if you want to contact and engage UK students through digital channels you are talking to the right people.